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Philadelphia Broken Bone Injury Attorney

Fractures and broken bones are common accident injuries, and their recovery can be lengthy, painful, and difficult. While many fractures and broken bones heal completely, some victims may suffer from complications and permanent impairments.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers understand how fractures and broken bones from accidents can impact a victim’s life. We fight for maximum compensation for damages so that our clients can continue to recover from a tragic accident even after their bones may have healed. For a free consultation, contact us online, or call us at (215) 732-5555.

Accidents That Can Cause a Broken Bone Injury or Fracture

Almost any accident or trauma can result in fractures and broken bones. Many of the accidents and incidents that lead to broken bones and fractures are caused by negligence and intentional wrongdoing. A person or party is careless or reckless, thereby causing a situation in which an innocent person is injured.

Some common accidents and incidents that can result in broken bones and fractures include:

A victim who sustains a broken bone or fracture may require extensive medical care. Surgery, physical therapy, and other treatment may be necessary to set the bone or repair the damage. Longer recovery times result in a substantial loss of income and benefits, as well as other financial expenses and losses.

Victims also suffer physical and emotional pain and suffering. They may have permanent impairments, scarring, and disfigurement. For these reasons, the value of an injury claim involving a broken bone or fracture could be substantial. Working with our Philadelphia injury lawyers can help you increase your chances of recovering maximum compensation for your injury claim.

Types of Fractures and Broken Bones

In most cases, the force involved in causing the fracture and the health of the victim are two of the leading factors that determine the type and severity of the fracture. Common bone fractures that we see in personal injury cases include:

  • Stable fractures occur when the broken ends of a bone line up, and there is minimal dislocation.
  • Oblique fractures have an angled pattern to the break.
  • Transverse fractures have a horizontal fracture line.
  • Compound, open fractures occur when a bone breaks through the skin when it is fractured. Open fractures are serious injuries that can result in life-threatening complications.
  • Comminuted fractures occur when the bone shatters into multiple pieces. These fractures can be extremely difficult to repair.

Broken arms, legs, ribs, and vertebrae are common in accidents. However, any of the bones in the body can be broken or fractured in an accident.

Filing Personal Injury Claims for a Broken Bone Injury or Fracture

Even though broken bones are common injuries, they are extremely painful accident injuries. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the victim could develop life-threatening conditions and complications. The potential for permanent impairments is also a risk.

Our Philadelphia injury lawyers have handled numerous claims involving broken bones and fractures. We understand how serious these injuries are and the damages that are caused by broken bones and fractures. We work closely with you and your physician to document your injuries and damages to maximize your recovery.

Because our attorneys are talented, successful trial lawyers, they never settle a case to avoid going to court. We have the reputation of being aggressive litigators and passionate advocates for our clients. We will do what is necessary to protect your best interests and your right to fair compensation for an accident injury.

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