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When you use a medical device or a medication, you expect that it will help you recover from an injury or help with a health condition. You do not expect that the medical device or the drug will cause you more harm. If this has happened to you, you qualify for a mass tort case.

Unfortunately, that is a result people face every day. They follow their doctor’s advice regarding a medication or a medical device, and they suffer additional injuries and life-threatening conditions. In some cases, a patient dies because of the injuries caused by a defective medical device or a dangerous drug.

If you believe that a defective medical device or dangerous drug has caused you or a family member harm, seek immediate medical assistance from a health care provider. Contact Pansini Law Group to discuss your legal rights and your options for holding a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer liable for your injuries, losses, and damages.

Why Choose the Pansini Law Group to Handle Your Mass Tort Claim?

Mass tort claims involving defective medical devices and dangerous drugs are incredibly complex litigation cases. They require a high level of expertise, knowledge, and experience that many lawyers have not yet achieved. Our Philadelphia mass tort lawyers of the Pansini Law Group have extensive experience handling these types of product liability claims. We have the skills and resources necessary to manage large, complicated mass tort claims.

Some of the benefits of hiring our law firm include:

  • Resources to conduct a complex, extensive investigation involving major drug and medical device manufacturers and other parties.
  • Lawyers who are well-versed in the intricacies and nuances of complex legal issues involving dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.
  • Fearless and tenacious representation by lawyers who never compromise or settle for anything less than what our clients deserve.
  • Aggressive, talented trial lawyers who have the experience necessary to handle a large trial.
  • Attorneys who are passionate about seeking justice for our clients and making medical products safer for others.
  • Lawyers who are not afraid to take on the largest pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.
  • Success record that rivals firms much larger than ours.
  • Exceptional reputation in the legal community of being loyal, dedicated, passionate legal advocates for our clients.

The most important thing you need to know is that our lawyers do not stop fighting until we have exhausted every legal action, recourse, or avenue to get you the compensation you deserve after being injured by a defective medical device or dangerous drug.

Side Effects vs. Negligence and Wrongdoing

A manufacturer has a duty to warn consumers of the potential side effects and risks of using a specific medication or medical device. Most medical products have some risk of injury or harm, and it’s known as medical malpractice to not disclose risk information. However, there is a difference in known side effects or risks that you receive a warning about and negligence or wrongdoing that harms patients.

Drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers have a duty of care to provide products that are safe for their intended use. The products should not cause a patient harm or injury. The manufacturer is required to report any potential side effects or risks associated with the medical device or drug. Failing to adequately warn a patient of known side effects or risks can be grounds for a product liability claim.

However, some large corporations and pharmaceutical companies place profits over the safety of consumers. They hide test results, fail to follow required testing procedures, fail to warn patients of known risks or cover up inherent flaws or mistakes during manufacturing that can cause harm to a patient.

Even if a manufacturer did not intentionally hide a defect, the manufacturer, distributor, and other parties could still be liable for flaws and defects in drugs and medical devices that cause harm and injury to patients.

Many product defects are the result of rushing a drug or medical device to market without sufficient testing. Mistakes can happen, but when those mistakes harm a patient or consumer, the responsible party should be held accountable for its actions that resulted in harm or injury.

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