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A workplace injury can be devastating. You are out of work without an income or a way to support your family. Even though the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits for most workers injured on the job, it does not compensate workers for all damages and losses caused by injuries in the workplace.

However, workers may be entitled to additional compensation for an on-the-job injury. A third-party claim might result in compensation for all loss of income incurred because of a workplace injury, including the worker’s pain and suffering damages, which are not included in a workers’ compensation claim.

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Workplace Injuries Can Cause Traumatic Injuries

Employees injured in the workplace can sustain catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. Some injuries may result in lifelong impairments and disabilities. Common workplace injuries include:

Workers are exposed to a variety of hazards and dangers that can increase their risk of injuries. Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment, including safety training and safety equipment. Before you assume that you have no recourse other than workers’ compensation benefits, talk with our Philadelphia workplace injury lawyers about a third-party claim for injuries in the workplace.

What is a Third-Party Claim for Injuries at Work?

When workers’ compensation covers an injury, the employee is barred from suing the employer. In other words, even though the employee may not receive full compensation for all damages and losses through a workers’ compensation claim, the worker cannot sue his or her employer for more money. That is the downside of the workers’ compensation system.

However, there are some cases in which an injured worker may be able to sue the employer under Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws. If the employer intentionally caused the employee’s injury, the employee could file a lawsuit against the employer. If the employer was grossly negligent, such as intentionally failing to provide required safety equipment, the employee might have a claim against the employer.

Other third-party claims may also apply in some instances. For example, if an employee is injured in a car crash caused by another driver while the employee was on the job, the employee may sue the other driver for damages. If a defective product caused the employee’s injury, the employee could pursue a product liability claim against the product’s manufacturer.

If a contractor or subcontractor was negligent in causing the employee’s injury at work, the employee might have a claim against the negligent party. Likewise, if a worker is injured on another party’s property while performing work duties, the worker might have a premises liability claim against the property owner.

Investigating and Filing Claims for Injuries in the Workplace

Third-party claims for injuries in the workplace require an intensive investigation to prove fault and liability of another party. Our Philadelphia workplace injury lawyers have extensive experience handling these types of claims.

Through years of representing thousands of clients, we have established a network of resources we can use to investigate claims. We also have acquired substantial knowledge about claims involving injuries at work and the parties involved in these types of claims. Our experience and knowledge benefit our clients. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, including multi-million dollar recoveries.

Because of our successful track record and our aggressive, dedicated representation of our clients, we have earned a reputation as strong and formidable advocates for our clients. Our attorneys are talented and skilled trial lawyers, and we never compromise or settle cases to avoid court. If necessary, we are willing to take the battle to the courtroom to protect clients from the unfair practices of insurance companies and large corporations.

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