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Philadelphia Defective Lifeline Accident Attorneys

A lifeline is an essential piece of safety equipment used in construction to prevent workers from falling. Since falls are the leading cause of death for construction workers, it is vital that special attention is paid to the construction and maintenance of lifelines on a construction site. Defective lifeline accidents may cause a worker to fall to their death.

What is a Lifeline on a Construction Site?

A lifeline may be used in an active system to arrest workers if they fall. Lifelines are also used in restraint systems to prevent workers from reaching an area where there is a fall hazard. In either case, the construction worker relies on the lifeline system to prevent the worker from falling from a great height.

A lifeline system consists of multiple components. For example, a fall arrest lifeline system has anchor points and a fall arrest harness. The system stops the fall in progress. Fall restraints use a tie-off system to prevent workers from reaching a fall hazard.

Regardless of which system is used, the system needs to meet OSHA standards. The system should be inspected, installed, and maintained by qualified and trained individuals.

Who is Responsible for Defective Lifelines Used on Construction Sites?

An employer has a duty to provide workers with approved safety devices, including lifelines. If the employer breaches that duty of care by failing to provide lifelines, the employer could be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by an accident. The employer may also be liable if it fails to train employees on the proper use of lifelines and associated equipment or fails to ensure that the equipment is installed, inspected, and maintained.

However, if the lifeline has a design defect, the designer, manufacturer, or distributor could be liable if a worker falls because of the defective lifeline. Defective lifelines put workers at risk of traumatic injuries and deaths. Workers who are injured in falls caused by defective lifelines may have a product liability claim against one or more parties.

Do I Need a Philadelphia Defective Lifeline Accident Attorney?

Yes, you need an experienced Philadelphia construction accident attorney to handle your case. Proving liability for a defective lifeline can be extremely complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. An extensive investigation into the cause of the accident is required to identify the factors that led to the fall. If the lifeline was defective or malfunctioned, evidence is required to prove how the lifeline was defective.

In most cases, accident victims do not have the resources, skills, or legal knowledge to handle an intensive investigation, especially when they are struggling to recover from traumatic injuries caused by a defective lifeline.

Why Choose the Pansini Law Group As Your Lawyers?

The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers of the Pansini Law Group are passionate, dedicated advocates for injury victims, and have extensive experience handling construction accident claims and product liability claims. Our legal team has developed a network of professionals and experts that we can call upon to assist with the investigation.

Each person on our legal team is driven to ensure that large corporations and aggressive insurance companies who care more about their profits than paying fair compensation to an accident victim do not take advantage of injured workers. Our attorneys are proud of their winning record and their reputation as tenacious trial attorneys who are not afraid to face any opponent in court.

Our lawyers have recovered over $1 million in settlements for over 50 of our clients. In ten of our cases, we have recovered over $10 million in awards for our clients. By holding companies accountable for their wrongdoing and negligence, we make job sites and construction sites safer for everyone, and that is the goal.

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