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Philadelphia Falling Object Injury Attorney

Falling objects on a construction site or job site can cause traumatic injuries. Tools, debris, building materials, and other objects that fall from great heights can be deadly to a person on the ground. Even a small object such as a drill or hammer could become a deadly projectile if it falls from a certain height. Buildings on construction sites are not the only source of falling objects. Objects being lifted or suspended from cranes can fall and injure workers. Being struck by an object is the second leading cause of death on a construction site.

If you are injured by a falling object on a construction site, you need to understand your rights and options for pursuing an injury claim. You may have more options for recovering compensation for your injuries in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

The Philadelphia construction accident attorneys of the Pansini Law Group handle claims involving falling objects. Our legal team performs a comprehensive investigation to determine how the accident occurred. We identify all parties who could have liability for the accident and pursue every legal course of action available to you, to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Contact us for a free consultation.

Common Injuries Caused by Falling Objects at a Construction Site

Objects falling from scaffoldings, buildings, cranes, and other heavy machinery could result in catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. Construction workers are especially vulnerable to injuries caused by falling objects. Common injuries caused by falling objects include, but are not limited to:

The cost of treatment for injuries caused by falling objects on a worksite can be tremendous. Victims that sustain permanent impairments can face a lifetime of medical care and personal care costs, in addition to being unable to earn a living.

Our Philadelphia construction accident attorneys understand what is at stake for you and your family. We fight to hold the parties responsible for your injuries liable for your damages. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Let us fight for your right to recover compensation for your past and future damages after being injured by a falling object.

Who Is Responsible for Damages Caused by Falling Objects on Construction Sites?

Numerous parties could share liability for injuries caused by falling objects, including employers, safety inspectors, contractors, and equipment manufacturers. Common causes of accidents involving falling objects include:

  • Lack of safety gear and equipment
  • Structure collapse
  • Defective equipment
  • Lack of supervision
  • Failure to maintain and inspect equipment and tools
  • Lack of training
  • Failure to follow safety protocols
  • Moving or hoisting unsecured or improperly secured items with a crane
  • Overloading equipment and structures
  • Improperly stored, stacked, or secured supplies, materials, and tools

The party or parties liable for your injuries and damages depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident.

Our Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at the Pansini Law Group are tenacious. They are determined to uncover the truth about how your injury occurred. Our attorneys have a reputation for aggressively pursuing large corporations and insurance providers to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and justice prevails.

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