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Philadelphia Jobsite Amputation Lawyer

Nothing can prepare you for losing a limb. A jobsite amputation and/or a crushed limb injury are some of the most severe work-related injuries an employee can sustain. Amputations occur across a broad range of jobs and industries, including construction sites. Working with heavy machinery, construction vehicles, and high-powered tools can increase the risk of amputations and crush injuries.

An amputation may be immediate when a limb or body part is severed in an accident. Surgical amputations may be necessary to save a person’s life when a limb or body part is so severely damaged that allowing the limb to remain attached could cause the person to die.

Crush injuries can be just as dangerous. In some cases, if a body part is severely crushed, a surgical amputation may be necessary. In addition to broken bones, crush injuries may also damage internal organs and cause internal bleeding. The results can be life-threatening.

In cases in which the person survives, the person may face a lifetime of challenges and struggles to deal with the consequences of amputations and crushed limb injuries. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers help victims and their families seek compensation for damages, including ongoing medical care and personal care. Contact us to get the money you need to take care of yourself and your family after a tragic injury.

Common Causes of a Jobsite Amputation

There are many different ways a worker can lose a limb or have a limb crushed at the job site. Construction sites have heavy, large machines everywhere. Cranes, trucks, forklifts, and other heavy equipment can crush a person beneath the machine or between the machine and another object.

Falling objects are another danger on a construction or worksite. Objects falling from cranes, scaffolding, or other high areas often lead to crushing injuries. Because many of the objects used on the construction site are heavy, a fall from just a few feet could crush limbs and result in a surgical amputation. Collapses of scaffolding and structures can also result in amputations and crushed limits.

Machines that cut, punch, bend, rotate, transverse, or shear can easily cut off a finger, toe, hand, or limb. Any mechanical motion can result in a traumatic amputation. Traumatic amputations are often caused when safety guards are not used or are not used correctly. Safety measures must be in place when using any type of machine with moving parts.

Complications Caused by Amputations and Crushed Limbs

Individuals who lose a limb or lose the use of a limb because the limb was crushed can experience a wide variety of complications. Some of the complications are immediate, while other complications may develop in the weeks and months after an amputation or crushed limb accident.

Potential complications from amputations and crushed limbs include:

  • Shock
  • Blood loss
  • Infections, including sepsis
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to surrounding bones, tissues, skin, and muscle
  • Chronic pain
  • Phantom pain
  • Psychological trauma, including PTSD, flashbacks, anxiety, and depression
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Need for prosthetic devices and limbs for mobility
  • Death

Living with an amputation or crushed limb can be challenging. Adapting your lifestyle may take a long time. Many accident victims who sustain these types of injuries need intensive physical, occupational, and emotional therapy to help them recover. The cost of recovery can be extremely expensive. However, these costs can be included in a personal injury claim.

Filing an Injury Claim for a Jobsite Amputation

Workers’ compensation may cover some of the expenses and losses caused by a construction or job site accident, but the system is not designed to compensate you fully for a work-related injury.

However, depending on the circumstances of your injury, you could have a personal injury claim against your employer, manufacturer, management company, or another third party. A third-party claim for a construction accident or other job site injury could provide additional compensation to help you and your family after a catastrophic injury.

Contact Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers for Help

The injury lawyers of the Pansini Law Group have extensive experience handling claims involving amputations and crushed limbs. The loss of a limb can lead to a lifetime of medical care and personal care. Our lawyers aggressively pursue all causes of action against all parties responsible for your injury. Our goal is to obtain maximum compensation for your injury claim.

We have assisted thousands of clients in recovering millions of dollars for their injury claims. Let our team of legal professionals fight for your right to fair and just compensation after a workplace or construction accident. We will not stop until we exhaust every legal remedy to get you the money you deserve.

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