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Philadelphia Inadequate Training Injury Attorney

An inadequate training injury is an unfortunate reality for many workers. Without adequate safety protocols and safety training, construction workers have a higher risk of deadly accidents and traumatic injuries. Workers in all fields must have safety training to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site. However, some employers place their profits above the safety of their employees.

When an employer fails to train employees in proper safety procedures and an employee is injured, the employer could be liable. The Philadelphia construction attorneys of the Pansini Law Group have experience handling claims involving lack of safety training. We take on large construction companies, corporations, and insurance companies that try to sweep these accidents away. Our lawyers fight to bring the parties to justice.

By doing so, we recover compensation for our clients, but we also help to make construction sites and other job sites safer for all employees. Exposing wrongdoing and negligence in the workplace is one way to end practices that place workers at risk of severe injuries and death. Contact us for a free consultation.

Inadequate Training Injury Causes

There are many ways that a worker can be injured on a construction or job site. A lack of safety training and inadequate safety protocols can increase the risk of an accident or injury in five critical areas of risk:


Fall injuries are the leading cause of death for construction workers. Employers are required to provide a safe work environment for their employees, including training employees on fall prevention.

Employers are also required to provide safety equipment and training on how to use safety equipment to prevent falls. Harnesses, safe lifts, tethers, lifelines, and anchors are just a few examples of the equipment workers should have to prevent falls.

Falls can result in massive head trauma, multiple broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and death.

Crushed or Hit by Objects

Crush injuries are another common danger on construction sites, as is getting hit by objects or vehicles. Employers need to set up safety measures to reduce the risk of workers getting hit by falling objects or construction vehicles. They also need to use safety protocols to reduce the risk of a worker being caught in a machine.

A lack of safety training for drivers, operators, and general employees can increase the risk for these types of construction accidents.


Construction workers often lift heavy objects each day. A lack of safety training could increase the worker’s risk for sustaining a back or neck injury. Employers need to train employees on the proper way to lift heavy objects and the need for frequent breaks from manual labor.


Working without breaks, especially in hot weather, can result in overexertion. Construction workers have the legal right to take breaks. Employers should encourage workers to take frequent breaks and provide plenty of water for hydration. Overexertion can cause life-threatening conditions. It can also lead to inattention, which increases the risk of other construction accidents.

Trips and Slips

Many areas on a construction site are hazardous because of tripping and slipping dangers. Employers need to move objects that create tripping hazards, especially at great heights. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately to avoid slips and falls.

A lack of safety training by an employer may result in workers failing to understand the dangers posed by tripping and slipping hazards. The lack of safety training could lead to a worker sustaining severe harm, including broken bones, brain damage, lacerations, and back injuries.

Talk with Our Philadelphia Inadequate Training Injury Lawyers About Your Legal Rights

Workers’ compensation covers most construction and work-related accidents. However, you might have a claim against your employer or another party if a lack of safety training caused your injury. Employers are required to provide a safe workplace. If the employer does not provide adequate safety training, the work environment can become dangerous.

Our Philadelphia injury lawyers review your claim to determine each cause of action that might result in compensation for your injury. Before you settle a claim related to workplace injury or assume you cannot sue your employer, talk with one of our lawyers. Let us put our extensive experience handling construction accident claims to work for you.

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