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Philadelphia Forklift Accident Lawyer

Forklifts are a machine used in construction sites and many workplaces. A person needs training and skills to operate a forklift safely, yet construction accidents still happen.  In many cases, forklift accidents that cause injuries and deaths are covered by workers’ compensation if the victim was an employee. However, some individuals injured by a forklift may be visitors to a workplace or construction site. They may have a personal injury claim against one or more parties. Depending on the circumstances, an employee could have a claim in addition to the workers’ compensation claim.

Risks of Working With or Around Forklifts

There are several ways in which a forklift injury may occur. Some common examples of forklift accidents that can result in injuries or fatalities include:

  • A person is caught between the forklift and another object
  • The forklift hits a worker’s foot or ankle
  • A forklift overturns
  • The driver or another person is ejected from or falls off the forklift
  • Falls from standing on the forks
  • Being hit by a moving forklift
  • Struck by items falling off the forklift
  • Driving a forklift of a loading dock

When a forklift accident happens, it is essential to conduct a thorough investigation to determine how the accident occurred. The cause of the accident and the person injured by the forklift determine what laws apply in the case.

Our Philadelphia forklift injury lawyers have experience handling this type of workplace injury. We investigate the accident to determine who is responsible for causing your injury. Our legal team takes the time required to analyze every aspect of the accident to ensure that we hold all parties responsible for your injury liable. By identifying all parities and all causes of action, we increase your chance of recovering maximum compensation for your injury claim.

Common Causes of a Forklift Accident in Philadelphia

Common reasons that forklift accidents occur include a lack of training or experience by drivers. Employers may fail to maintain and inspect the forklifts as required. Poorly stacked or secured loads can also cause a forklift accident.

Negligence, including drug or alcohol use, is another factor in many forklift accidents. Operators may be distracted or tired while operating a forklift. Employers may fail to develop and enforce safety policies related to the operation of forklifts throughout the site. Driving a forklift too fast and improper backing and braking are also causes of forklift injuries. Failing to maintain a proper lookout and horseplay are also other causes of accidents involving forklifts.

Who is Responsible for Damages Caused by a Forklift Accident?

It depends on how the forklift injury occurred. If a worker is injured in a forklift accident during the ordinary course of employment, workers’ compensation may be the only available remedy.

However, if the forklift was defective or malfunctioned, the forklift designer, manufacturer, or distributor could be liable under product liability laws. If the employer was grossly negligent or committed intentional wrongdoing that caused the forklift injury, the employee may be able to sue the employer for damages, in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

If a person who is not an employee is injured in a forklift accident, several parties could be liable. The property owner, construction company, contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer, or other third parties could be liable for damages. Sorting out liability for a forklift injury can be challenging. Our Philadelphia forklift injury lawyers use their considerable skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to identify the parties and their insurance providers.

Our lawyers at the Pansini Law Group are effective and aggressive trial lawyers. We have a reputation for vigorously representing our clients inside and outside of the courtroom. We stand up to large corporations, construction companies, manufacturers, and insurance companies as we fight for our clients. Our Philadelphia trial lawyers never shy away from a court battle. We are prepared and willing to do what is necessary to protect our clients.

Common Forklift Accident Injuries

Thousands of people die or are injured in forklift accidents each year. Common forklift injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Spinal cord and back injuries
  • Head injuries

Immediate medical attention can help prevent complications. Prompt medical attention can also improve your chances of winning a forklift accident case.

If a person is injured in a forklift accident, the person may be entitled to compensation for a variety of damages. Our Pennsylvania forklift injury attorneys fight for full compensation for all medical expenses, loss of income, and other financial damages. We also fight to recover maximum value for pain and suffering damages, including permanent impairments and disabilities.

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