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Philadelphia Elevator Accident Lawyers

An elevator accident on construction sites is extremely common and potentially fatal if elevators are not handled with care. Injuries can result in amputations, death, and other catastrophic outcomes if safety protocols are not adhered to by general and subcontractors. Litigating elevator and elevator shaft injury cases requires specialized knowledge and expertise. For over 25 years the lawyers at Pansini, Mezrow &Davis have represented many Local 5 union elevator workers in these catastrophic injury cases resulting in numerous seven and eight-figure recoveries.

We take great pride in being the “go-to” law firm for Local 5 union elevator workers who have been harmed by others. If you have been injured in an elevator accident, contact our accident attorneys at Pansini Law Group today for a free consultation.

What Causes Elevator Accidents on Construction Sites?

Construction sites often have elevators that workers use to gain access to upper levels and transport materials, supplies, and tools. However, construction elevators are temporary. They are often constructed in a hurry and may not meet all safety requirements. Employers who take shortcuts installing and maintaining construction elevators can be held liable for injuries caused by their negligence and intentional wrongdoing.

Accidents involving construction elevators involve malfunctioning elevators, being caught in-between equipment, or falling to a lower level.

However, accidents also occur when installing permanent elevators for the building. Workers installing, maintaining, or repairing elevators can fall or be caught between equipment. They can also sustain electrical injuries when they are connecting power sources to the elevator and other equipment.

In some cases, an elevator accident might be caused by defective or malfunctioning equipment. Equipment that is not maintained and inspected can also increase the risk of injury and death on a construction site.

Common Injuries Related to Elevators and Elevator Shafts

An elevator or elevator shaft accident can cause severe injuries to a worker. Common injuries that result from elevator-related accidents on a construction site include:

Because of the potential for lifelong disabilities, elevator and shaft accidents usually result in very high claim amounts. Elevator and shaft accidents can result in millions of dollars in damages. Damages generally include medical costs, lost income, personal care, disfigurement, impairments, pain, and suffering.

Do You Need a Philadelphia Elevator Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you need an experienced Pennsylvania construction accident attorney to handle your case. You are going up against your employer, a large corporation, an aggressive insurance company, and other formidable parties. These parties have endless resources, large legal teams, and numerous investigators and adjusters. Everything they do is to protect their best interests.

You need a legal team on your side who has the resources, skills, expertise, and willingness to fight these parties for fair and just compensation for your injuries. The Philadelphia construction accident attorneys of the Pansini Law Group are the attorneys for the job.

Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Because we are passionate about protecting workers injured because of negligence or intentional wrongdoing, we are aggressive and determined in our representation of our clients. We work to obtain the largest settlement for our clients and to make workplaces safer for all employees.

We never compromise to settle a case. If the other side refuses to negotiate in good faith, we never hesitate to file a lawsuit and proceed to court. Our attorneys are successful and talented trial lawyers with a reputation in the legal community as aggressive advocates for our clients. It is simple. We do whatever it takes to protect our clients.

At Pansini Law Group, we choose to keep our firm small so that we can provide personalized services to our clients. We want to be there when our clients need guidance or support as they continue to heal from injuries caused by an elevator accident that was not their fault.

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